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Imply vs infer

When I saw my Dad’s shoes in the hallway, I inferred he had come home. When I greeted him, he replied with a grim movement of his hand which implied that he was in a foul mood. The words imply and infer are two words often...

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Hail vs hale

It was hailing heavily and the aircraft could not withstand the extreme weather conditions and it crashed. All the victims who died were hale and fit. Hail and hale are common words of the English vocabulary that can be quite...

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Therefore vs thereby

It rained heavily; therefore, the match was cancelled. The organizer’s had to refund the tickets, thereby incurring heavy losses. The two words ‘therefore’ and ‘thereby’ have often been used in the wrong...

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Continuous vs continual

Blood transportation in the heart is a continuous process; however, continual deposits of fat in the arteries can block the blood flow and cause heart attack. The two words ‘continuous’ and ‘continual’ might seem confusing to...

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