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Demur vs demure

The U.S Republican party said that Americans were deeply humbled and strongly demurred to their hasty surrender in Afghanistan. The demure politicians of the Democratic Party tried to avoid discussion on the topic altogether....

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Definitely vs definitively

When Alexander the Great learned that a mutiny was definitely taking place among his men, he was advised to crush it. History was made when he definitively put an end to the schemes against him, all without shedding the...

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Desert vs dessert

Reserved-looking businessmen were seated together for dinner. The environmentalist remarked that the Earth would soon become a desert if freshwater resources weren’t conserved. Amoral businessmen sitting next to him complained...

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Value stocks vs growth stocks

Value stocks and growth stocks are the names given to two types of company stocks on the basis of distinct investment methods and opportunities they drive in the market. The investors whose attention they call are typically...

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