Definitions and explanations

Brand manager:

A brand manager is a person who builds a brand image. He is responsible to promote the company’s personality by developing a brand strategy for a business or company. As a brand manager, he has to be curious about all the business functions together with

 Marketing manager:

A Marketing manager is responsible to make sure that the product meets the demands of the customers, the price of the product fulfills the requirements of both business and customer, and channels of distributions are set in place. Generally, the marketing manager carries out all marketing activities to create more customers, increase brand awareness, and improve the product to increase business or business benefit.

Difference between brand manager and marketing manager

The main differences between brand manager and marketing manager have been detailed below:

1. Job description/responsibilities

The brand manager’s job is to keep an eye on the marketing trends and competitive products in the marketplace to make sure that the product line that falls under their field resonates with both current and prospective customers. They are also responsible for developing, implementing, and executing marketing campaigns for their particular brand to drive market growth.  The marketing manager works according to the company objectives. He has to take into consideration that the market strategies are in line with the company’s objective and are coordinated with the sales activities. He has to check that all the promotional and marketing campaigns are under the budget of the company. In short, it can be said that they supervise all the marketing team including a brand manager to increase the company’s growth and benefit.

2. Nature

A brand manager is strategic. He has to promote a message of a company to its customers. If your customers are not properly aware of your brand or feel uncomfortable at some point, it’s almost impossible to inspire them to purchase. So, the brand manager has to be an advocate for the company to promote or develop the feeling of trust for customers. Marketing manager, on the other hand, is tactical. They try to activate consumers and teach them what to buy. Other than guiding what to buy, they also make sure to answer who, why, and when questions related to product so that it feels nearly essential.

Skills required

To be a successful brand manager, one must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. He must know the company’s current products and their future concept as well. It is necessary to be creative and innovative to promote and develop the product. Conclusively, it can be said, that the brand manager must have strong analytical and research skills to increase company gain. The marketing manager skill set includes critical thinking. He must act as a project manager to develop multi-level marketing projects. He must have an insight into digital marketing, product management, and brand positioning to improve the marketing activities for products.


A brand manager is very important for the goodwill of the company in connection with the image of the product. Customers know your company by your products, services, and your status through your brand. So, brand managers are required to keep an eye on customer’s demands and trends of the market to control and maintain the ongoing brand identity and image. Marketing managers are more important as compared to brand managers. They have to make sure that all the campaigns by brand managers are well in line with the target audience. So, it can be said that they also have to check the work of brand managers at some point.

Taking information

Brand managers usually take information to; form their brand strategy, by continuously monitoring marketing trends and the existing competitive products in the market place. On the other hand, brand managers meet their information needs by applying different tests on public interest in connection to new products and services. Team members are another source for getting information for pricing and promotion of the products and services.

Brand manager vs marketing manager – tabular comparison

A tabular comparison of brand manager and marketing manager is given below:

Brand manager vs Marketing manager
Job description/responsibilities
Brand managers are responsible to develop and implement brand campaigns for current and potential customers, according to the market trends. The marketing managers main responsibilities’ are to develop marketing strategies that help to achieve company objectives.
Brand managers are more strategic. Marketing managers are tactical but also become strategic as per the requirement of the company objectives.
Skills required
A brand manager must have creative and innovative written and verbal skills. He must be a critical thinker to handle multi-level marketing projects.
Brand managers are very important for companies to build their brand image in the market. Marketing managers are more important as compared to brand managers because of their strategies and activities that must be in line with company objectives.
Taking information
Marketing trends and competitive products are the source of information for brand managers. Testing public interest for products and services and team members is a major source of information for marketing managers.

Conclusion – brand manager vs marketing manager:

Brand managers and marketing managers seem to have a similar kind of job but, there is a lot of difference between the job duties of both. Brand managers are more into developing strategies or campaigns for building a brand image for products and services. Whereas, brand managers make sure that these strategies and campaigns are serving the purpose of the company or not.