The bride bridled at the news that most of the bridal arrangements for her special occasion had been delayed.

Some words of the English language are too difficult to differentiate. But that’s not the case with the words bridal and bridle. Even though they sound the same it is not possible to use them in each other’s place. Bridal is an adjective that is used when we want to talk about something that is related with the bride or the wedding. Bridle on the other hand, can be used as a noun, verb and phrase. As a noun, it is portion of a horse’s harness, as a verb it refers to restraining something. Lastly, the phrase ‘to bridle at something’ is used when you’re trying to say that you’re feeling angry or insulted because of something. You can find the sentences and a more descriptive meaning for the two words below.

Bridal vs bridle – definitions and meanings

Definition of bridal

Bridal is an adjective that it used when you want to talk about something that is linked with the wedding or bride like bridal outfit, bridal makeup, and bridal portrait. It is a very common word and you will find it used abundantly.

Example sentences of bridal

  • Alizeh Shah swayed the audience at the Hum Bridal Couture Week 2021.

This sentence talks about the famous fashion model and actress Alizeh Shah who impressed everyone at the bridal couture week that was featured by Hum this year.

  • Bridal wears come in many colors like white, red and purple, but the most trending ones today are white and black.

This is a simple sentence describing the colors of all bridal wears or wedding dresses and the most trending ones these days.

  • My mother organized the bridal bouquet with pink and white flowers.

In this sentence someone is saying that their mother prepared the bridal bouquet (flower arrangement that the bride carries) and added white and pink flowers in it.

Definition of bridle

The bridle as a noun describes a portion of a horse’s harness, the fastenings tied at the head, the reins and the metallic restraints placed on the horse’s mouth. As a verb bridle means to restrain or control. And the phrase ‘bridle at’ means to be angry at something.

Example sentences of bridle

  • Bridle as a noun:
    My son bought a poster of Ertugrul Ghazi, that featured him sitting on a horse holding its bridle.

This sentence talks about a son who brought a poster of the trending TV series Ertugrul Ghazi that portrayed the hero ‘Ertugrul’ sitting on a horse holding its harness.

  • Bridle as noun:
    She controlled the horse by tightening her grasp on its bridle.

This sentence talks about a woman riding a horse which had gone off route or berserk. The rider controlled it by fastening her grasp on the horse’s reins.

  • Bridle as verb:
    You should bridle your anger in front of your elders.

This sentence is advising someone ill-tempered to control his anger when there are elders present around.

Differentiating bridal and bridle is quite easy. The real challenge is differentiating the different meanings of the word bridle which is used as both, a noun and a verb. The noun form is used along with a horse, as you can see above. But the verb form is used when you’re trying to regulate your anger, or when you’re being angry. This might sound tricky at first but with practice you can easily master its correct usage.