Since Sarah was trying to lighten-up her dress and look fancy, Amy broached the idea that she could use a studded brooch and place it near her collar.

‘Broach’ and ‘brooch’ are homophones. Both words rhyme with the word “reproach” but since brooch has a double ‘o’ in the middle it can also be pronounced to rhyme with the word “smooch“. Brooch is a studded pin that is used on clothing for decorative purposes. It is a common assumption that the term ‘broach’ can also be used to refer to fancy looking pins or jewelry and the assumption is right. The term ‘broach’ can indeed be used to denote elegant lapel jewelry. However, here’s the catch. Brooch is only a noun and has only one meaning but, ‘broach’ also has a verb meaning. The verb form is used when you’re trying to bring up a subject delicately. Without further ado, let’s look at a more detailed meaning and the examples for each of these terms.

Broach vs brooch – definitions, meanings and example sentences

Definition of broach

In most cases, the word broach is used as a verb which means to present a new idea into a discussion. However, the noun form can also be used to denote elegant-looking embossed pins and lapel jewelry. Mostly, people wear broaches on formal or fancy clothing. Let’s look at some of the sentences that use the word broach.

Example sentences of broach

  • Broach as a noun:
    Rita fastened her slippery scarf around her neck and then placed a fancy dove broach to tightly clasp it in place. The scarf worked to protect her from the intense cold.

This sentence describes how Rita covered her neck with a thick scarf to protect her from the cold outside. She attached a decorative broach so that her scarf was fastened in one place.

  • Broach as a verb:
    Her best friend was allergic to birds, so before the girls could have a sleepover, Jamie broached the topic carefully that she had a few pet canaries at her home.

Jamie was planning a sleepover at her home but she knew that her best friend had bird-allergies. She brought up the topic in class, so that her friend could take the required precautions to protect herself from a possible allergic reaction.

  • Broach as a verb:
    It is okay to ask about the benefits a company is offering you during the initial interview but the ideal way to broach the topic would be to ask in a general way so that it doesn’t make you look greedy. For example, you could ask that what are the benefits that you offer to your permanent recruits?

This sentence talks about how a person may implore the benefits a company is offering him during his interview. The best way to approach the topic would be to ask in a general sense so that it doesn’t make you appear too greedy in front of your interviewers.

Definition of brooch

The noun brooch is used for an ornamental pin that is used to decorate clothing. Brooches are intended to be formal but no one is going to complain if you use one on your casual sweatshirt. It can also be purposeful instead of just being decorative; you can use one instead of buttons to fasten clothing. Generally, you will find many old people wearing brooches at formal gatherings but do not underestimate brooches since Queen Elizabeth also wears them.

Example sentences of brooch

  • ‘This silver brooch complements your blue dress perfectly,’ the gentleman complimented.

This sentence is a compliment which is aimed at winning someone’s heart. The man is saying that the silver lapel jewelry completes her dress perfectly.

  • After the makeup artist was done with the final-touches, he placed a beautiful matching brooch at the top of the model’s shoulder.

A makeup artist was getting a model ready for a show. He gently completed the makeup and then finally placed a pin embossed with matching stones on the model’s shoulder to complete the look.

  • ‘I instantly recognized the emerald brooch your grandma had given to you when you were young as it was sparkling from a distance,’ her friend exclaimed excitedly.

The brooch mentioned here is like an heirloom that was passed from a grandmother to her granddaughter. The brooch is pretty fancy since it retained its glint after so many years and was instantly recognized by a friend.

Brooches and broaches both are fancy studded pins that people wear everywhere at formal occasions. However, broach is also a verb which means to introduce a topic. If you’re having a hard time memorizing the meanings, try this trick. The word brooches only has ‘oo’ in the middle and ‘o’ is for ornament. Broaches has an ‘o’ and an ‘a’ in the middle so ‘o’ is for ornament and ‘a’ is for action, which means it has a verb form as well.