Personal selling vs sales promotion

There are various activities that are carried out by companies to inform their potential buyers about the benefits of their products. These are referred to as the promotional mix of the company, and include different tools like advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing and corporate image. In this article, personal selling and … Read morePersonal selling vs sales promotion

Industry vs market

Whenever we talk about business, two terms are of utmost importance, market and industry. Any conversation for business cannot be complete without these two terms. There is a clear difference between them and they cannot be confused with one another. Market implies to an area where buyers and sellers meet and trade through demand and … Read moreIndustry vs market

Publicity vs public relations

Publicity and public relations are two terms that are frequently considered as the same thing. However, it is important to correct this as they are two distinct fields. In general, publicity is one of the aspects of public relations, which comprises of many other elements. This is similar to how advertising is just one aspect … Read morePublicity vs public relations

Brand manager vs marketing manager

Definitions and explanations Brand manager: A brand manager is a person who builds a brand image. He is responsible to promote the company’s personality by developing a brand strategy for a business or company. As a brand manager, he has to be curious about all the business functions together with Online and offline product promotions, … Read moreBrand manager vs marketing manager

Debit card vs credit card

Debit card and credit card are the types of plastic cards which are used for making payments online and using EFTPOS terminals on the point of sale. Both types of cards are issued by the same companies like VISA and Master card and are accepted all over the world. These cards reduce the need to … Read moreDebit card vs credit card

Invention vs innovation

To ensure that the world keeps progressing, it is imperative for there to be inventions and innovations in the market. In the absence of these, there would be no new developments and the world would become stationary. When one checks the meaning of the two terms in a dictionary, they have almost the same meaning; … Read moreInvention vs innovation

Finance lease vs operating lease

Fixed assets are critical for the operations of a business. These can range from high value assets used by manufacturing entities in their production process to lower value assets such as office equipment and furniture required by most entities. Several entities may not have the funding to purchase these outright. To fill this need, there … Read moreFinance lease vs operating lease

Crisis management vs risk management

An organization is bound to encounter different issues during its operations. Some of these issues can be foreseen and organizations are able to account for them during their planning stages. However, a few of the events that occur are not predictable and may be experienced by the organizations without any prior warning. Risk management and … Read moreCrisis management vs risk management