Secured loan vs unsecured loan

Businesses opt for debt funding in the form of loans when their internally generated funds are not sufficient or when they do not wish to dilute their equity through issue of shares. Individuals may also opt for loans to meet their personal or professional needs such as buying a car or a house or setting … Read moreSecured loan vs unsecured loan

Brand identity vs brand image

Brand identity and brand image are two very important terms for companies that are often confused with one another. This article presents a definition of the two terms and how they are different from one another. Definitions and explanations Brand identity Brand identity is essentially the way the company wants to be perceived by its … Read moreBrand identity vs brand image

Sales vs advertising

Definitions and explanations  Sales: Sales simply mean all those activities used to sell the products and services in the market. But, in a broader term, the word sale represents much more than just selling products and services. Businesses have proper sales organizations where they have their sales team who try to close more deals, increase … Read moreSales vs advertising


Inventory accounting and management are key functions in manufacturing and trading companies. Inventory consists of everything from raw material, production consumables to work in progress and finished goods. Large manufacturing and trading companies have considerable amounts invested in their inventories and thus its accounting and management assumes an even more important role. Inventory accounting involves … Read moreFIFO vs LIFO

Depreciation vs amortization

Fixed assets are resources that generate economic benefit for a business over a long duration, often across several accounting periods. Fixed assets are thus initially capitalized and subsequently a part of its cost is expensed out in each accounting period. This is also in line with the ‘matching concept’ in accounts which provides that expenses … Read moreDepreciation vs amortization