Corporate strategy vs business strategy

Every organization faces competition in the market, which is why it needs to have a strategy in place so that it can beat the competition and achieve success. Strategy is basically an integrated plan that is followed by companies to achieve organizational objectives. In any business organization, three levels of strategy are in place: corporate … Read moreCorporate strategy vs business strategy

Management vs administration

Management and administration are two terms that are seem to be quite similar to each other. However, they are completely different from one another with respect to their functionality as well as usage (applicability). Management basically refers to the actions carried out to implement the plans and objectives that have been determined by the administration. … Read moreManagement vs administration

Difference between standalone and consolidated financial statements

Financial statements are like a report card of a company. They reflect the financial condition i.e., position of assets and liabilities of a company as on a specific date. With globalization at its peak, there are several multinational companies which are formed by a network of companies incorporated across different countries. These networks of companies … Read moreDifference between standalone and consolidated financial statements

Difference between authorized share capital and issued & paid up share capital

A company may opt for funding its business through capital contribution. The contributors of capital are called shareholders and receive a share of profit distributed by the company in the form of dividends. This mode of funding results in giving up part ownership of the company but is not accompanied by any fixed interest obligation … Read moreDifference between authorized share capital and issued & paid up share capital