Push marketing vs pull marketing

There are two main promotional activities that are carried out by businesses to acquire customers, i.e. push marketing and pull marketing. In push marketing strategies, companies try to gain the attention of the consumers, usually by creating disruptions like advertisements. Their intention is to increase the awareness and interest of customers about their product or … Read morePush marketing vs pull marketing

Marketing research vs market research

Research is generally carried out to perform a study in a systematic manner, with the aim of determining facts and making conclusions. It is a very important tool and is the foremost step of a marketing process. Market research and marketing research are two terms that are quite often used interchangeably. However, in reality, the … Read moreMarketing research vs market research

Job description vs job specification

Job description and job specification are two very important tools that are developed as an outcome of job analysis. An important part is played by these tools in the hiring process as they are needed for every position within the organization. The process of recruitment is quite complex, and requires a series of activities. The … Read moreJob description vs job specification

Quality assurance vs quality control

Every organization has quality management systems in place to ensure that their projects are successful and achieve the desired quality specifications. However, if these systems are not understood properly, it is likely that they will not be effective in making sure that the projects are delivered in a timely manner, fulfil customer needs and are … Read moreQuality assurance vs quality control