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Direct vs indirect cost

Product pricing is a key aspect of every business entity that calls for thorough management attention. Determining the price at which an entity sells its goods is important as it forms the basis of earning profits which is the...

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Irony vs sarcasm vs satire

Entertaining political shows often employ irony, sarcasm and satire to expose political errors and make people laugh. They’re aimed at inspiring some sort of change. NBC’s Saturday Night Live is a good example. The English...

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Abhorrent vs aberrant

Since the oldest times, the church has been at war with Science. The Church doesn’t want its narrow beliefs to be outlawed by scientific theories. The new generation finds this action completely abhorrent. The Catholics on the...

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Bazaar vs bizarre

Even though most bazaars sell festive and rare items, every bazaar in the Middle East is famous for something. Indian bazaars are famous for medicinal herbs, Arabian bazaars are famous for stone jewels and Arabian cutlery, and...

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