Envelop vs envelope

Grief enveloped him as he sealed the envelope to the divorce papers that he was going to mail to his wife. As tears swelled in his eyes, he reminisced the days when he was still a happily married man who had not a worry in the...

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Adverse vs averse

The Italian Chef considered it adverse cookery to combine a sweet flavor to a food oozing with salt and spice. He was averse to the idea of pineapple slices on pizza. The words adverse and averse are tricky to use and evade...

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Climactic vs climatic

Nazi generals advised Adolf Hitler that it would be unwise to continue the invasion under harsh climatic conditions. The Fuhrer, unsurprisingly, wanted a climactic victory after 6 months of vapid marching into Soviet territory....

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Naval vs navel

A naval regiment was dispatched to counter direct attacks from the enemy. None of the naval officers were injured during the operation except one who received severe injuries beneath his navel. The words navel and naval are...

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Adopt vs adapt

My friend told me that it’s better to rescue a stray cat than to adopt one from the shelter in this weather. Domesticated cats don’t adapt to a changing weather very well, especially to a rainy spell. The words adopt...

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