Bridal vs bridle

 The bride bridled at the news that most of the bridal arrangements for her special occasion had been delayed. Some words of the English language are too difficult to differentiate. But that’s not the case with the words bridal...

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Tortuous vs torturous

“It was a torturous journey for me”, Steven exclaimed. “The monotonous view and the tortuous road made me feel nauseated. I’m never travelling from Virginia to Maryland by road again.” The words tortuous and torturous are...

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Capital vs capitol

Dan Brown’s top-selling book “The Lost Symbol” talks about masonic secrets symbolized in monuments throughout America’s capital city Washington DC and a mystery that begins with a mutilated hand in the US Capitol...

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Compliment vs complement

 The marketing manager complimented her work, “The green layout complements the presentation perfectly.” The words compliment and complement are homophones and have the exact same sounds. They are both used as verbs and...

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