Difference between marketing and strategic marketing

Definitions and meanings Marketing: Marketing means knowing your customer’s demand. Companies or businesses keep on finding new ways and techniques to satisfy the needs and wants of customers through marketing. Usually, people confused the concept of marketing with selling but, these are “two” entirely different concepts. Selling means attracting your customers towards your product to … Read moreDifference between marketing and strategic marketing

Difference between micro marketing and macro marketing

Micro and macro essentially refer to the economic environments in which companies perform their marketing activities. Generally, marketing is a critical component of every business as effective marketing campaigns lead to a greater awareness of the brand and product among the target market. In addition, effective marketing campaigns play an important role in encouraging the … Read moreDifference between micro marketing and macro marketing

Difference between brand and product

Brand and product are among the basic factors for a company to achieve and maintain a competitive position in the market. The customers use these factors to differentiate and choose the solutions to their problems offered by different manufacturers and/or sellers. Many big companies are popular for nothing other than one or more brands and … Read moreDifference between brand and product