Consignment vs sale

Generating revenue is essentially the key business activity because without sufficient revenue an entity would not earn enough profit and thuse would not be able to fulfill its commercial objectives. Sale of products is...

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Amazon FBA vs FBM

In e-commerce, the fast and secure delivery of orders bears utmost importance for both sellers and buyers. Individuals and companies that choose Amazon marketplace to sell their products have two options available to fulfill...

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Franchise vs chain

With growth in business and increase in demand, many companies go for expansion in terms of their operations and customer reach by increasing the number of their stores, outlets or offices. In this endeavor, a company can opt...

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Packaging vs labeling

While buying a new product, the first things we often notice are its packaging and labeling. Many products require a proper packaging so that they can be properly covered and protected from contamination or damage. Labeling is...

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