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Simile vs metaphor

My favorite line from the novel ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ is where John Greene uses the word ‘stars’ as a metaphor for his thoughts. My favorite simile from the same novel is ‘gate shuffling like a dementia...

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Moral vs morale

Jinnah, a barrister by profession, was incredibly adept at boosting Muslim morale through his speeches. His dream was Pakistan- a state based on Islamic morals which all citizens would follow without subjugation. The words moral...

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Medal vs mettle vs meddle

The marines received a medal for their display of valor and bravery in the long war. They had proved their mettle in battle and the medals on their chest were proof of that. However, they would soon realize that they had fought...

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Morbid vs moribund

The Nazis had a morbid fascination with human experimentation. These experiments resulted in either painful deaths or moribund survivors with no will to live. The words ‘morbid’ and ‘moribund’ share a common theme of darkness –...

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